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Encourage you Dealers

In modern marketing, as the carrier's network, more and more large businesses, particularly businesses that rely heavily on civilian goods. Can the normal operation of the network, there is a very key factor, is a connecting network of dealers, they get ideas, interests, consistent with the manufacturers. This is a key determinant in whether the product.

In practice, the general to the dealer incentive is divided into four types:

One time award

Time to reward the enterprise products peak seasons for the balance of interests to the interests of dealers continued pursuit by the formation of a way, it normally month, quarter, year or for specific target markets and set the award period, the time button, and function of reward with up and use; special time to be in the market for a reasonable time and financial resources, the use of distributors can be used alone. Time to award the general continue to encourage sub-routine with the target of a temporary incentive. To grasp the target period of temporary incentives, especially for second issue of business incentives, usually in less than two months is appropriate, too long and could easily lead to psychological inertia, up the Nabuxialai.

Second, functional awards

1. Number of varieties of Award:

Beginning in the design of a variety of incentives, we must consider market conditions and the stage action goals, clear the pathway to protect what form, what kind of sales position, what level of dealer interest and at all levels of space, and long-term strategy to consistent. Every business has its own special market designed to meet the various stages of the marketing strategy, for example, market demand for early-, medium-attack a brand, variety, and strengthen the share of the profits later centrism, is bound to different stages of number and variety of business plans to do the adjustment. Manufacturers of various products designed for different purposes, so we need to aim at different stages, the clever use of continuous and batch number of awards and special varieties of operating incentives to businesses and manufacturers in all stages of the market, market share reached consistency with the profits, but also for changes in the market.

2. Shop City display Award:

In the product market stage, to assess the market capacity, network capacity and management capacity, coordination dealer to take the initiative and quickly delivered the goods terminal. Meanwhile the factory should be given according to the situation of human, the capacity of appropriate subsidies, incentives and dealer Distribution Issues special display in the right position the product incentives.

3. Network Maintenance Award:

To avoid stranded goods dealers and the sales volume based on the work of lag caused atrophy, in addition to send tracking measures, but also can stimulate the form of dealer incentives, the effective maintenance of a suitable product, there is scope to adapt to the network.

4. Price credibility Award:

Many products are now selling goods down there, arbitrary prices, etc., resulting in the loss of the dealer eventually profit margins, so in addition to playing goods code, binding time, reasonable prices and tight market inspectors design, the design should be in the price the price set when the credibility of awards, as the regulation of dealers. The award system should consider the price difference based, regional transportation, manpower, and sales and other factors.

5. Reasonable stock awards:

Dealer's inventory must be adapted to local market capacity, consider the shipping cycle, the goods turnover, and accident safety reserves and maintain a suitable quantity and variety. In addition, the reasonable regulation of dealer inventory also plays funds, energy and the role for our use.

6. Cash Award:

Improve corporate cash flow rate, the closer of the deal more to offer payments to customers; the other hand, more than the critical point of the customer, pay interest on penalties.

7. Collaboration Award:

Policy implementation for the business, with extensive promotion, the establishment of collaboration and information feedback Award, strengthen vendor relations is an effective means to dilute the interest.

Third, fuzzy reward

The main reward is greater in some sales of civilian consumer goods industry, to prevent dealers know the reserve price discounts, price discounts for non-legitimate, low-price competition, disturb the market price of space and the implementation of a reward. The advantage is that the dealer can be effectively controlled dumping; drawback is that distributors of the award is not clear, the purpose of weakening and operational. In this way the production companies making use of more size.

Fourth, cultural awards

Looking to detect time-varying astronomical, judging from human to into the world, the source of the term culture, itself shows that there are deeper psychological needs of mankind.

Always social people, in addition to the dealers the incentive motivation, but also should pay attention to the culture of the dealer incentives. Small as a card, a Jin Bian, encourage their self-esteem, autonomy, can meet the psychological needs of its more profound, but also strengthen the long-term interests of both sides of non-cooperation. In particular, today, their self-esteem, credit, character, values and aesthetics can become a cultural incentive points. Away from commercial interests, weaken the main object, in the interests of consistency, the production culture, the Consistency of personality, this should be the ultimate right of all incentives. Now businesses on short-term, shallow-level operation of great concern, but the deep resonance of long-term relationship is more neglected to say that this is a great pity.

5, rewards and served the way

Awards are generally in cash, donated goods or materials with composition, big dealer button for a longer period of sustained more interested, and Distribution Issues a smaller number of batches prefer the direct back button, they are saying mantra "rather to one now, and not 10 due to the "very able to show their state of mind. The shape of the dealer cash incentives, and sometimes directly affects the market price control, so the market in product design and channel operation, should not one make in the end, be sure to reserve space and for the price means, as the market adjustment reserve . The stage for the dealer, the best way to take can use promotional products gifts, rather than take the donated cash and goods, so as not to disguise price cuts; another operation time, the line must be short and should be targeted.

No loyalty for the second installment of Commerce, speculative and short-sighted group of companies, squeeze on the second issue of promotion and reward situation, first, to reward timely and accurate service-level marketing distributors, market management and personnel monitoring ; Second, we must skillfully position as the carrier material loaded directly batches, for instance, carriers and tape box directly under the posted prize cards, etc.. Enterprises should use a variety of ways to prevent the loss of reward.

Market approach is not fixed, no fixed-type situation, the key is not to memorize any promotion a dry, but according to their own understanding of the enterprise, understanding the object of the operation, the understanding of the objective environment, control the timing and pace of market operations, control a "degree" of the word, clever use of resources to achieve successful market operation.

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